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August 15, 2016

4 Crucial Items for New Preppers

Ask almost anyone what preparations they have made for some type of disaster in the foreseeable future, and chances are good that they’re going to tell you about their insurance and other financial provisions. Sadly, what most can not tell you is about the “hard” provisions they have on hand for making it through the very real shortages and other problems related to a disaster, whether unnatural or natural.

New preppers seem to be the most vulnerable since not only do they not come up the provisions that are needed, but they often do not know where to start when it comes time for them to do so. This post outlines a list of the 4 items that are significant that all preppers need to have. This list can be added to as needed, it may not be all of them, but it’s also a good start.

Have an IFAK Kit

You ought to not only have this gear when a catastrophe hits, but the training to use a full IFAK kit. Until first responders can arrive on the scene, such a kit would contain such things as an airway, bleeding control substances, splints, and anything else you might have to take care of medical problems. This medical kit should contain an adequate supply of any medicines that a relative might desire.

Have Water

Having several jugs of water that is clean with you is wise. How much you’ve is constantly dependent on how many people you happen to be preparing for. A basic is to have 1 gallon/person/per day, for 3 days minimum. It’s also informed to have some process of water treatment in the event you face a shortage. A filter also can be recommended, but you should have additional components available.

Have Enough Food

It is more likely to stock more food, but it is always recommended to have too much than too little. Additionally, there are several ways to handle shortage of food. You are able to get prepackaged foods such as MREs and similar types that require a minimum of preparation like dried or canned foods. You should keep variety and tastes for everyone, have in mind everyone’s preferences.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting is also an item you really need and it depends on who you would have with you within an emergency situation. If you might be by yourself, maybe a little torch and a lantern would be sufficient. On the other hand, if you might have a family with you, you should plan on having enough torches for everyone as well as some type of area lights. And do not forget batteries for your lighting. Since your electricity might go out, don’t rely on rechargeable lights as they’ll quickly become pointless.

Determined by the users and the scenario, these items will change, but generally, these are the 4 crucial items for new preppers.